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Fribourg’s first Ultrafast Charging park

Fast Charging stations at central locations are essential for the success of electric mobility: The first Ultra-Fast Charging park has been opened in the heart of Fribourg at the B31/Schreibertraße, equipped with charging stations from the technological market leader EnerCharge. It was inaugurated by mayor Martin Horn and badenova CEO Hans-Martin Hellebrand.

Fribourg must become more attractive for electric cars: Buying electric vehicles is becoming more and more attractive for many people, figures show:  in 2021, 360.000 new electric passenger cars have been registered in Germany (Statista). Compared to the 195.000 in 2020 that’s a plus of 54 percent. January 2022 started with a record number of registrations as well: a plus of 28,1 percent compared to January 2021. “The opening of the charging park is a big step forward – especially because of the prime real estate of the park”, says Martin Horn. badenova CEO Hans-Martin Hellebrand referred to the importance of e-mobility for the traffic turnaround: “Only with a good supply network of charging stations will the boom continue.”

Charging park in the heart of Firbourg covers a large spectrum

The badenova-park at the B31/Schreiberstraße offers six charging points with up to 400 kW Ultra-Fast charging capability for personal vehicles, trucks and buses as well as nine 22 kW charging points. E-Bikes and scooters are supported by a wallbox. Charging times are between ten and 30 minutes, depending on the vehicle and battery. The charging stations by the Austrian company EnerCharge stand out with user friendliness, and easy direct payment with debit- and credit cards as well as high quality and security.

“Our product family conforms to the most recent legally compliant standard of international card payment with card slot and contactless payment, digital pricing directly at the charging station and conformity to the German Standard Weights and Measures law”, says EnerCharge COO Dr. Jens Winkler.

Connected to the Fast Charging park is an investment of 500.000 Euro with 130.000 Euro being supplied by public subsidies. To realize the park the Ladepark Südbaden GmbH & Co KG was formed, together with Green Power Mobility out of Nordhausen. For the final concept of the park, badenova cooperated with the city of Fribourg to achieve a harmonic inclusion of the park into the city. The charging stations are partially roofed to offer protection from rain. On the roof there are 54 solar modules with a combined capacity of 20,5 kWp. The park is on city grounds with a footprint of 400 m². The central location is beneficial for inner city drivers as well as transit traffic and tourists. Approximately 44.000 cars pass the well connected location daily. badenova’s innovation fund for climate and water protection supported the project. Since the company’s foundation, 1,5 million Euro has gone into innovative projects. Part of this is the charging park, which is an important step towards energy transition.

Construction time was eight months. Because of pandemic induced supply bottlenecks, it took longer than expected. The next comparable Fast Charging park is situated in Mahlberg.

City of Fribourg switches early to e-mobility: Mayor Martin Horn refers to the 2018 switch to a fully electrified fleet for the municipality. This was done by badenova as well, in cooperation with Elektro Ullmann they built 67 charging points for the municipal fleet. “Be it e-mobility or energy transition topics, with badenova we have found the ideal partner who advises us and gives us the right strategy.” Martin Horn leaves no doubts that Fribourg will continue building charging points. Excluding the new Fast Charging park, the city has 144 public charging points to date, a third of them erected by badenova. If the 22 public charging points of the Volksbank and the 10 at the SCF stadion are included, that number goes up to 42 percent. badenova CEO Hans-Martin Hellebrand refers to the broad range of products for e-mobility: Currently, consultation for municipalities, industry and property management are the focus. “E-mobility consultation is more than just the installation of a wallbox. A farsighted view of the topic as a whole will lead to a faster adoption of e-mobility by society.”


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