DC CompactCharger

ECC400 CompactCharger

The ECC400 CompactCharger (Single/Dual) charging station is an extremely compact DC fastcharger with integrated AC/DC power electronics. The ECC400 CompactCharger is connected to the AC mains depending on the charging power and the AC/DC conversion takes place within the charger. In addition to quick and easy installation, the ECC400 also scores with low operating costs, for example thanks to uncooled CCS charging cables.

The ECC400 CompactCharger allows maximum flexibility in setup and charging power. A single version (1x CCS) or a dual version (2x CCS) are available on request. The maximum charging power is freely selectable from 40 to 400 kilowatts. The charging voltage (150 to 1000 VDC) is compatible with next-generation e-vehicles.

ECC320 CompactCharger

The DCS 20-240/40-320 by EnerCharge is an extremely compact DC fast charging station with integrated AC/DC power electronics for charging current and next generation e-vehicles. Payment and billing take place directly at the charger.

The charging station allows maximum flexibility in setup and charging power. The intuitive and customer-friendly operation and the revolutionary direct payment with debit card, Maestro, Girocard, credit card, NFC etc. happens directly at the 15.6-inch high-resolution display.

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