EnerCharge & Glockner E-Power

The charging infrastructure along the Großglockner High Alpine Road is one of the highest on earth. With their e-mobility concept, they take a leadership role.

The High Alpine Road is one of the most popular getaway destinations in Austria. The careful handling with the sensitive high alpine habitat and with precious resources as well as furthering electric mobility are central concerns for the Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG (GROHAG), operating company of the panoramic road. The Großglockner High Alpine road takes a leadership role in matters of e-mobility: starting at the intense expansion of charging infrastructure, through the 100% green energy used to power it and up to offerings for tourism in form of the “Großglockner E-njoyment Tour” and their own electric fleet. And electric vehicles pay less on the panoramic road. It is the stated goal of the GROHAG to build 200 to 300 charging points along the High Alpine Road and all across the Großglockner region, so guests can charge easily and without base fee. Zero emission to conserve nature!

Dr. Jens Winkler, CEO of EnerCharge, says: “We’re happy about the vision of the GROHAG, to enhance the route with a dense and unprecedented web of fast charging stations.”

EnerCharge: Fast charging and easy payment made in Austria
To get ahead of the need for more and faster chargers, the GROHAG decided to partner with EnerCharge, the austrian fastcharging specialist. The company, which develops and produces their innovative products in Austria, is among the technological market leaders in charging technology. EnerCharge is also a leader in the inclusion of a variety of payment methods. This is why users along the Großglockner High Alpine road can pay for their energy easily and comfortably, just with international debit- or credit cards.

Energy on the the highest level: EnerCharge goes Glockner E-Power
Not only are EnerCharge machines user-friendly, they also impress with robust construction. This makes them ideal for deployment in rough, high alpine conditions, where they can guarantee smooth operation. The highest charge point so far is on a sea level of 2.262 meters, right next to the beautiful Fuscher lake. The chargers have already proven their worth during their first season of operation.

GROHAG-chariman Johannes Hörl says: “We’ve already had a lot of positive feedback about the easy handling and the great charging speed of the EnerCharge machines. And we as operators of the infrastructure along the Großglockner High Alpine road and in the region of the Hohe Tauern mountain range are absolutely pleased with the top quality. We love to work with an experienced and competent partner. Together we will be able to push Glockner-E-Power even further.”

The following locations offer Glockner-E-Power DC- and AC charging points by EnerCharge:
● Heiligenblut – Downtown (2 x HPC 120 kW, 4x AC 22kW)
● Heiligenblut – Box Office Rossbach (2 x HPC 120 kW)
● Fusch – Box Office Ferleiten (2 x HPC 120 kW)
● Fusch – Hotel Römerhof (2 x HPC 120 kW, 4x AC 22 kW)
● Mittersill – NP-Zentrum (2 x HPC 120 kW, 4x AC 22 kW)
● Krimml – Burgwald (4 x AC 22 kW)
● Rauris – Fuscher Lake (2 x HPC 120 kW, 4x AC 22 kW)
● Rauris – Tennis Court (2 x HPC 120 kW, 4 x AC 22 kW)

Overview: Charging Stations